Le immagini della fantasia 34

International Exhibition of Illustration for Children

On October 22th 2016 at 6.00 pm the 34th edition of Le immagini della fantasia will be inaugurated in Sàrmede.
The exhibition has always offered a broad glimpse of the world of children’s illustration, displaying outstanding works of artistic expression in terms of aesthetic innovation and narrative wealth.

Each year La Casa della fantasia plays host to hundreds of illustrators, authors, publishers and books representing the many aspects of this extraordinary international panorama and confirming the value of the illustrated book as a tool for knowledge and a means of conveying beauty.

Extensive research and intense discussions with the sector also give rise to numerous display sections offering different points of view on illustration and a selection of unforgettable books.

Io disegno con Bau, the section dedicated to the Guest of Honour, teases the imagination and the desire to draw with Guido Scarabottolo illustrations!
Panorama is the collective exhibition which brings together a choir of thirty illustrators from around the world with their latest publications, and the section entitled Figures from Chile takes a closer look at this edition's theme, the cultural, natural and imaginative wealth of Chile.
A Sàrmede the surprises never end, we are waiting for you!

Monica Monachesi
Art Director